Our capsules are made using a wide spectrum of cannabinoids to try and target several needs.  We infuse nutritious oils full of antioxidants and nutrients like coconut oil with cannabis.  Made to digest easily always 100% vegetarian. Ever batch is lab tested with printed results on each bottle.  The regular capsules have approximately 30 mg total cannabinoids while the extra strength have approximately 60 mg total cannabinoids.  We offer a variety of styles of caps from our broad spec caps that have CBDA,CBD,THCA and THC to our THC capsules which have mostly THC and THCA.  We can even make a non-psychoactive THCA version capsule for those that don't want to get "HIGH". 

We believe in healthy natural methods to treat ailments and we always try to locally source materials like our bees wax and  look for responsible packaging as well as “fair traded” products like the natural shea butter that we use.  All  of our products are hand crafted and made with all natural ingredients.  We never rebrand or use other products as our own.  Every one of our products has been made and developed by Kali Caps.


At Kali Caps we believe in the power of cannabis and being free of harmful pharmaceutical drugs.  Working hard with the labs we strive to offer quality safe and potent medications for effective relief of pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, inflammation, muscle pain, spasms, nerve issues and many other problems.  Each batch of capsules is lab tested for safety and potency ensuring quality and consistency every time.  All of our products are hand crafted and made using all natural ingredients and always 100% vegetarian!

Kali Caps & Cremes


This is a cannabis infused Gourmet Cooking Oil.  It is made with a non-filtered rice bran oil that is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. It is one of the healthiest oils available! It has no cholesterol, low in saturated fat, naturally free of trans fatty acids, rich in Omegas, is non GMO, and has a high smoking point at 490 degrees F!!! The oil goes great in salads, stir frying, baking or grilling!!!  Can be used in maranades or sauces.  Works great in "instant cake" mixes or "instant brownie" mix and can even be ingested sublingually or used as a topical!!!